This morning, we decide to make the time to go for a walk. Where shall we go? Having not walked along Gott Bay for  more than a week, having had visitors, who wanted to explore the island, we set out after coffee. Our walk takes us along the road, and then on to the sand […]

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Tuesday evening’s visit to the pier is a visit with a purpose. Our first visitors are arriving on the ferry and I want to be there to photograph the occasion.  As I stand on the pier I never feel out of place with my yellow waterproof jacket, my only wish is that it had “Calmac” […]

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Mainly Music

Tiree has a rich tradition of music, a fact we had discovered before we came to live on the island. In our hunger for anything Tiree we had watched ‘In Trusadh: Tiree – Outside the Box’ on BBC Alba. It is a tribute to self taught box player, and island tutor, Gordon Connell, who won […]

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LOTI and friends

Today, from our living room and kitchen windows, we can see the waves breaking on the nearby rocks. The storm is not yet spent. The big question is, ‘Will the ferry be able to come in today?’ The Calmac website has it on amber alert, meaning possible delay or cancellation due to adverse weather conditions. […]

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Our Island Home is known in Gaelic as ‘Land of Barley’ and as ‘The Land below the Waves’. The name however is much older and probably goes back to those who first set up home here. Those who come from Tiree are known as Tristeach, pronounced ‘Cheer-us-chugh’. We will need to work on our pronunciation. […]

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An Ever Changing Sky

The storm did come and we could say it was a wild night between the wind and the rain.  We awoke this morning only to the wind but by the time we arrived at church, shortly before 11am, the rain had joined the wind. A short walk to the Post Office this afternoon saw us […]

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Hold Tight!

Living on a relatively small island on the edge of Europe, somehow you are very conscious of the weather, especially with such a wide expanse of sky, for there are no towering buildings, no high-rise flats, no mountains and no trees. Today the weather has been calm and sunny with only the occasional passing rain […]

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The Realities of Island Life

Here on the island, daily flights from Glasgow are a lifeline for, in addition to crew and passengers, they carry the mail and newspapers. The ferry service from Oban is regarded by government as a lifeline service vital to life on Tiree. Apart from the limited capacity of the small plane, everything people and products […]

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More Than Amazing Beaches

In a Photohistory of ‘The Scots’  the writers state, “Unfortunately, it was the natural wonders of the region rather than its people that caught most of the attention. Certainly, few early photographers saw much that they wished to record for posterity in the Highlanders they encountered, their eyes – and cameras – instead capturing the […]

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