More Than Amazing Beaches

The Scots a photohistory by Murray Mackinnon and Richard Oram
The Scots a- A Photohistory

In a Photohistory of ‘The Scots’  the writers state, “Unfortunately, it was the natural wonders of the region rather than its people that caught most of the attention. Certainly, few early photographers saw much that they wished to record for posterity in the Highlanders they encountered, their eyes – and cameras – instead capturing the landscape and monuments of the region.”  In this digital age of television and internet, much of the emphasis is still on the landscape rather than the people. The website announces, “Explore Scotland, famous for its historic castles, traditional Highland games and beautiful lochs, and discover the setting of world-famous movies, the place for stylish shopping and the perfect stage for new and exciting events.”

Tiree is indeed a beautiful island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It has amazing beaches and fine examples of machair, but it is the people who make the island the place we are thrilled to now call  ‘home’. How we appreciate the warm welcome that we have received. Here homes are known not by their number, but by the people who live within or who own the property. When out walking, car drivers acknowledge you with a friendly wave, whether or not they personally know you. Here people make time to stop and talk to you. People matter.

This morning the weather may be dreach (grey and damp) but the people we have met are most certainly not dour.