Hold Tight!

Steady now
Steady now

Living on a relatively small island on the edge of Europe, somehow you are very conscious of the weather, especially with such a wide expanse of sky, for there are no towering buildings, no high-rise flats, no mountains and no trees. Today the weather has been calm and sunny with only the occasional passing rain shower, so it is hard to believe that over the next 48 hours winds gusting up to 50mph are forecast. Having read tireeliving’s blog Wind or Breeze? and having been asked more than once, “Have you experienced a winter storm yet?” perhaps we will get our first taster! Listening to the banter at the pier, it will certainly be interesting to see if the ferry will be able to come into Tiree before Tuesday.

Just how much wind do you need for kite-surfing? This afternoon, as we walked down the road, we could see the kites from the surfers in Gott Bay. As we go about, we often see the Tiree KITESURF academy van. This year the British Kite Surfing Association Wavemaster event is being held on Tiree next week (from the 16th to 21st September}. Kite surfing is a very popular sport and the competitors will enjoy the wind, waves and beaches Tiree has to offer. Top riders from across the UK will be competing and the reigning champions are both from Scotland.

We may not fly our kites tomorrow, but we must remember how we open the car doors!

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