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The Right Hand of Fellowship

Our Island Home is known in Gaelic as ‘Land of Barley’ and as ‘The Land below the Waves’. The name however is much older and probably goes back to those who first set up home here. Those who come from Tiree are known as Tristeach, pronounced ‘Cheer-us-chugh’. We will need to work on our pronunciation.

Place and belonging are so important. Although, so new to the island, we have a sense of belonging. We are in the place God wants us to be. Gradually, we are getting to know our neighbours, and to recognise others.

Today, was an important milestone, when Lachie MacKinnon gave us the right hand of fellowship as he welcomed into membership of Tiree Baptist Church and Becky Wright prayed for us. God’s family here on Tiree have made us so welcome and reinforced that sense of belonging. It was so appropriate that the service was followed by lunch together – giving us a further opportunity to get to know one another better – not to mention the fantastic home baking!

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