The Realities of Island Life

Here on the island, daily flights from Glasgow are a lifeline for, in addition to crew and passengers, they carry the mail and newspapers. The ferry service from Oban is regarded by government as a lifeline service vital to life on Tiree. Apart from the limited capacity of the small plane, everything people and products […]

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More Than Amazing Beaches

In a Photohistory of ‘The Scots’  the writers state, “Unfortunately, it was the natural wonders of the region rather than its people that caught most of the attention. Certainly, few early photographers saw much that they wished to record for posterity in the Highlanders they encountered, their eyes – and cameras – instead capturing the […]

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What a Tangle

One of the most famous quotations in Scottish poetry is from a poem by Sir Walter Scott, Oh, what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive! In the late 1800s Tiree had its own Tangle factory, Donald Sinclair, a cotter from Balephuil, was asked by the Napier Commission in 1883, “Do you […]

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They Make Them Tough on Tiree

“They make them tough on Tiree!” said Jackie Bird on BBC’s ‘Reporting Scotland’ following a report on school swimming lessons in Loch Bhasapol. The report stated, “Schoolchildren on the Scottish island of Tiree have overcome the absence of an indoor heated pool by taking swimming lessons in a local loch.”  The swimming lessons were proving popular […]

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