White Horses

Photograph of Clansman
The Clansman approaches the Pier at Gott Bay

For once, true to the forecast, the weather is windy – 30mph gusting to 40mph. It’s off to the pier to say goodbye to some friends we have come to know in the past few weeks. Hat required as it’s too windy to feel the wind in my hair. Alan clad in his bright florescent jacket decides to don his wooly hat too.

Almost on time, in spite of the wind, the ferry arrives. Will she be able to berth? How I admire the skill of the captain and crew, as well as those handling the ropes. A voice announces, “There’ll be no gangway this morning!” The foot passengers board via the linkspan on to the car deck.

Making my way home, I feel propelled along the pier by the wind.

After a warming cup of coffee, it is off to the surgery at Baugh to collect a prescription. How helpful they are to let us know that it is ready. We decide a walk along Crossapol beach is in order. After all it is one of our many favourite beaches. We walk high up the beach so that the dunes afford some protection from the wind. Strange the sun is bright and warm, but the wind is strong and chilly. The wind is turning each wave into a dramatic burst of spray that is blown back out to sea. I am sure I must have seen something like this before, but it feels like a first and it’s fascinating.

Before heading home, we stop off at Tiree Pottery to buy our first Christmas present. Mustn’t forget the Co-Op, then home for a hearty lunch

White Horses won’t stop us!


Wind Blown Waves at CRossapol Beach
Wind Blown Waves at Crossapol Beach