A First

Photograph of the Golf Ball,Ben Hynish
The Golf Ball, Ben Hynish

Saturday saw the start of the Tiree Wave Classic. As long as you were not surfing the weather was glorious over the weekend, blue skies and hardly a drop of wind.  With the good weather continuing on Monday, we made our first ascent, since coming to the island, of Ben Hynish, the highest Ben, all 450 feet! At the summit there is an old Trig Point (made redundant by GPS) and close by is the distinctive NAFS Golf Ball used to track transatlantic flights by radar. With 360 views the Hebrides lay stretched out before us. Not only could we see Coll, Mull and the Trishnish Isles, but we could also see the Paps of Jura, Islay, Barra, the Cullins of Skye, and the mountains beyond Ardamurchan.

After lunch, we had a very different experience – our first haircut since coming to the island. The old English Sheep Dog look has gone!