It’s Good To Be Home!

Scarinish from the air
Scarinish From The Air

Yes! It’s good to be home. In island speak I was ‘off island’ visiting the Mainland. A routine hospital appointment meant that I had to go to Glasgow. Thankfully, I was able to fly to Glasgow International Airport, otherwise at this time of the year it would have been a five day trip travelling by boat and bus or train. As it was, I flew out on the Wednesday for an appointment on Thursday and returned on the Friday.

Flying to and from the island is quite an experience. On the outward leg of the journey the aircraft was a ‘Twin Otter’ with a seating capacity of 18. As I drove to the airport there was a beautiful rainbow over Ben Hynish. Thankfully the plane was on time. Airborne, I had a great view of the island and particularly of Scarinish and our home. The Treshnish islands could be seen clearly, but before long cloud cover took over. In less than forty five minutes the plane landed and I was making my way into the big city!  The return leg of the journey was even quicker as the aircraft was a Saab 340 with a seating capacity of 34 and a higher air speed.

“Is there a doctor on the island?” was a question we were frequently asked before moving to Tiree. The answer is “Yes” and we cannot speak too highly of the Tiree Medical Practice with its Baugh Surgery. A notice in ‘An Tirisdeach’ said, “Following my recent accident at home I wish to express heartfelt thanks . . . their kindness and professional care was of the highest standard.” In an emergency there is the air ambulance service. Although some ladies go to the mainland when their baby is due, babies are born on the island and earlier in the week there was an addition to the island’s population, a baby girl.

While travelling by train to the hospital, an article in the ‘Metro” caught my attention. It was headlined, “Isle bet they’re happy” with the sub-title, ‘Remote island residents report nation’s highest levels of self-worth.” The writer was drawing on the latest finding from the Office for National Statistics. She commented, “City dwellers might think of the remote Scottish Isles as a place of wild seas, lashing rain and isolation but Orkney and Shetland and Eilean Siar are home to the happiest people in the nation.” I don’t know where Tiree fits into the national statistics, but I did miss the ‘Tiree wave’. Much as I enjoyed my trip to the mainland; travelling by air, train, underground and bus, and staying with my brother and his wife, it is good to be home!

Twin Otter
Loganair Twin Otter at Tiree Airport