Pastoral Photograph
Pastoral View

What a glorious view: Geese, Sheep and Cattle – and all from our living room window!

Although we have visited Tiree’s Rural Centre where the livestock auctions take place, we have not as yet attended one of the sales. This Saturday (2/11/2013) is the sale of suckled calves and store cattle. Anticipating the sale the CalMac website indicates a change to the Ferry Timetable: Oban- Coll- Tiree – Oban Saturday 02/11/2013 disrupted due to livestock sales in Tiree. The timetable will operate as follows:- depart Oban 05:30 (1 hr 45 mins), arrive Coll 08:10, depart Coll 08:20, arrive Tiree 09:15, depart Tiree 09:45, arrive Coll 10:40, depart Coll 10:50, arrive Oban 13:30.