Sunday Special

Sunrise Photograph
Sunrise from our Window

Today, the 10th November, Remembrance Sunday, has been a day of contrasts here on Tiree. It began with a beautiful sunrise and appears to be ending with a howling wind.

Driving to church this morning there was sunshine and yet on Ben More over on Mull we could see the snow. It’s good to see the hills over on Mull and even more distant  Ben Nevis and the Cairngorms. These hills although far off can appear so near and certainly looking at them you can hardly believe that we are on a flat island.

It was good to gather with others in church this morning but in particular I always appreciate that out of a congregation this morning of between thirty and thirty five there were between twelve and fourteen children. We spent time this morning remembering those who had given their lives in the service of their country, but remembering too how God’s Word, the Bible should be the foundation for our lives.

After church Alan stopped to take a few photographs of Ben More from outside An Talla and also stopping off at  Scarinish to take some more.  It seemed we had the idyllic late Autumn day but the weather can turn just like that and by the time we set off on our afternoon walk the wind was starting up. Now at just after eight pm, we are sitting in our very comfortable living room listening to what Tiree is famous for – the howling wind.


Photograph of Ben More
Ben More from Scarinish Harbour