Life in all its fullness

It came as a bit of a shock to receive an invitation to the the Christmas party for the over 60s on the island! Previously, we had attended such events on the mainland not because of our age, but because of the nature of our work. What a great evening it proved to be: the meal […]

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Oh! What a beautiful morning!

After the stormy weather of the past week, Boxing Day proving a brief respite, Sunday 29th December was a beautiful morning. Before meeting with others to worship our great Creator-God, the opportunity was taken for an outing with the camera. Enjoy the walk from the comfort of your seat as you watch the slideshow!

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Guest Writer

Saturday was stormy and even the “Mighty Clansman” could not sail from Oban to Tiree and I had to spend another day and night in Oban. I went to Soft Play in the morning and I had fish fingers for lunch. On Sunday morning mummy and daddy were so pleased that the boat did not […]

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Almost Unbelievable!

“In the stormy conditions being experienced today, and the Clansman on her way back from Barra, we are left wondering if the MV Hebridean Isles will attempt to berth at either Coll or Tiree.” As if I should have ever queried it? The Weather was atrocious, with winds  from the South East, gusting straight into […]

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A Debt of Gratitude

With no scheduled sailing on a Friday and Saturday’s sailing cancelled because of the stormy weather, it is a welcome sight to see the Clansman approach Gott Bay. The queue for cars and commercial vehicles is more or less full and there are a good number of foot passengers waiting. The wind is beginning once […]

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Weather Eye

Life on Tiree, at least at present, being relatively new islanders, means keeping a weather eye out. We are especially keeping an eye on the weather as we are looking forward to having family members at Christmas and New Year. South West winds in the region of 40mph make it difficult for the ferry to […]

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