Tiree: Life on the Edge

Weather Forecast

With high wind speeds forecast for the coming week and especially on Thursday, when it could gust up to 70mph, or more, a quote from the book “Restoring the Broken Chord” by Michael Mitton seems most timely. How appropriate present reading can be . . .

“Many Celtic communities were formed in wild and remote places, for it was here that they could feel the power of the wind and the strength of the sea. Anyone who has been to Lindisfarne or Iona during bad weather will know all about this. The first time I visited Lindisfarne the rain fell continuously and most of the time horizontally, carried by the north-easterly gale. I clearly remember walking round the coast of the island in these conditions, getting soaked and buffeted, and feeling so aware of the power and glory of God. How sad that we have got into the mentality of thinking that storms are something to shelter from! In our Western society where we do all we can to protect ourselves from cold, wind and wet, we miss something of this closeness to creation that those early Celtic communities experienced.”

It is claimed that the word Hebrides is derived from an old Norse word meaning “Islands on the Edge”. Living on the Edge, can indeed by challenging and spiritually rewarding, especially when it leads to knowing God more and more.