After The Storm

Wind Speed Graph
Wind Speed Graph

Just a few days ago there was calm, even yesterday morning the winds were light. However, we went to bed conscious that the wind had risen and in the knowledge that it was to get much worse. The question was ‘would we get any sleep?’

The noise of the wind hitting the house and rattling the roof tiles woke us several times, but we did get sleep. Here on Tiree the wind peaked about 7:00am to 7:30am, when the gusts reached 82mph. Just after 7.30 we lost our landline and broadband, however by 10.00am both appeared to be restored, but soon after the landline failed and is still awaiting repair.

We consider that we got off lightly compared to many. Having listened to the news the highest wind speed recorded in Scotland was a gust of 142 mph (according to STV) and on Skye the wind speed was just over 100mph. When we think of the rail network being shut down, of death and injury on the roads, bridges being closed and of many homes being without electricity, we got off relatively unscathed.

Once the severe storm passed, it has remained stormy with gusts of rain, hail and even snow. Yet, the plane was able to land and so we had mail. What was even more surprising was the boat was able to call, although it was about 4 hours late, having been storm bound in Oban, In fact at high Tide, Oban suffered a storm surge that flooded shops.

Once again we can say with Psalmist, “God is our Refuge and Strength, therefore we will not fear. (Psalm 46)” The Lord is our security, even when there is cause to be afraid.

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