Island Gran

Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers

When the children were little, there was Gran by the Castle and Gran by the Sea, now that the family are all grown up, I am Gran, Island Gran.

Perhaps, or perhaps not, you have been watching ‘Katie Morag’ on Cbeebies. The TV series is inspired by the Katie Morag books written by Mairi Hedderwick. In the books and TV series, there are two grandmothers, who are very different from each other: Grannie Island and Granma Mainland.

Well, this is not the fictional Island of Struay off the West Coast of Scotland, this is the Isle of Tiree and I am a real Island Gran. Unlike Grannie Island I do not live in dungarees and wellies, although I do wear jeans and walking boots. My grandson, unlike Katie Morag does not live next to the pier, he lives on the Mainland, far, far away.

In the world we live in, thanks to modern communications, I can watch my grandson growing up. There are the photographs that come to my phone or computer, almost the instant they are taken. What I really enjoy is watching him in real time thanks to Skype and FaceTime. He is just a bit young to text me, although he does try hard for a 15 month old. Yet, no modern technology, will surpass seeing him enjoy the cattle and sheep, the wind and the waves, the sand on the shore, or playing with him in the living room of my home here on Tiree.

Grumps is sure our grandson will enjoy travelling to Tiree on the “Mighty Clansman”.  Of course Grumps will be down at the pier watching and waiting for him to arrive.  And when he is here, there will sure to be walks down to the pier to see the “Clansman”.

Island Gran