Almost Unbelievable!

MV Hebridean Isles outward bound
“In the stormy conditions being experienced today, and the Clansman on her way back from Barra, we are left wondering if the MV Hebridean Isles will attempt to berth at either Coll or Tiree.” As if I should have ever queried it?
The Weather was atrocious, with winds  from the South East, gusting straight into Gott Bay. As the ferry turned in order to be able to berth with her stern to the linkspan, she was broadside to the wind. With great skill the captain manoeuvred his ship in order to be able to throw the bow ropes. With great courage and incredible bravery the three on duty on the pier worked tirelessly to haul in the ropes. Eventually the stern was brought in and the stern ropes fastened.
With the vessel heaving in the swell, the stern ramp was lowered and the cars driven off, followed by the lorries. Then the vehicles were loaded for the return journey. The whole event was breath taking. As I turned to walk back up the pier, the waves were sending spray right over the wall onto the roadway. I could only imagine what it must have been like for those working at the end of the pier and exposed to the furious wind and biting rain.

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