Guest Writer

Grumps Favourite Boat

Saturday was stormy and even the “Mighty Clansman” could not sail from Oban to Tiree and I had to spend another day and night in Oban. I went to Soft Play in the morning and I had fish fingers for lunch. On Sunday morning mummy and daddy were so pleased that the boat did not sail until 10.30am – they said it was better than 7.15. At first the boat was fun and I even managed a short sleep, but then my tummy felt a bit funny. Grumps wanted to take me to the pier on Monday but mummy said I couldn’t go because it was too windy! On Christmas day, I got lots of new toys and books – and we went to church on the island. Today, Grumps was really happy because mummy said that we could all go to see the Clansman at the pier. Grumps will get to go to the pier on Saturday. My uncle is coming to Tiree and I am going away. When I get off the boat I will be in the car for a long, long time –  I think mummy and daddy will want me to go to sleep.

Grumps favourite Grandson 

PS: He says I am a very clever boy. Don’t you think so? I am only 15 months old and he let me write on Island Granny’s blog.

PPS: I would let you see me working on the computer but grumps said that he couldn’t put my photograph on the blog.