A Braw Day

Photograph of Ben Hynish
A Braw Day on Ben Hynish

It’s a braw day for a birthday.

One friend wrote, “Happy Birthday Ursula, glad you are enjoying Tiree, even if the wind blows a lot!!”

At this time of the year on Tiree the sun may be late in rising, but when it did this morning, it was a glorious sky. What’s more there was hardly a puff of wind. So, after a walk to the pier to watch the Hebridean Isles berthing, unloading and loading, it was off for a walk. My first idea had been along Gott Bay, then I thought, “It’s my birthday! Why not head for Ben Hynish!”

Parking the car at sea level, it was off for the dizzy heights of the Ben, all 141 metres (463 ft). As we began our ascent, running down towards us was Will of Tiree Fitness Fame. Will says, “Fitness training has always driven me to be involved in different things, from windsurfing to ironman racing.” He s a great athlete and a joy to know. Not wanting to hinder his training, we press on up the Ben. I am pleased that I took the camera man along with me as the view is stunning!

We could see a few of our neighbouring islands, even Skerryvore Lighthouse, some 11 miles away, even if the far horizon was not as clear as some days.

We could have stayed on top, basking in the warm sunshine, but lunch beckoned.

There’s time now to appreciate all the cards, text messages, Facebook  greetings and early morning phone calls. Thanks they were all appreciated. What a joy and privilege to be remembered by family and  friends.

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