The Noust

Tiree Maritime Trust

Sadly we missed what proved to be an exciting community event. Row Around Tiree organised by the Tiree Maritime Trust was held in An Talla (The Community Hall) and such was the community support that another event is planned for mid-summer’s day.

Although an island, Tiree has not been a major fishing community. Known as the ‘Low Land of Barley’ because of its fertile, easily worked soils, Tiree was first and foremost an island of crofters. Additionally, there is the fact that historically there were no safe harbours. Fishing has gone on, and still does to this day, but it is not a main employer.

The Maritime Trust is a charity formed to ensure that traditional boat-building and restoration techniques, which form an important part of Tiree’s culture and heritage, are preserved. The Trust was very kindly gifted three of the remaining Tiree lug-sailing boats, Morag Anne, Daisy and Ros. A group of volunteers working with the Trust put together a plan to not only restore some of the remaining lug sailing boats but also to pass on traditional boat building skills to members of the community but they were without dedicated storage facilities.

The Noust, a Viking word for a boat shelter, where long boats would have been pulled up for winter, is a purpose built boathouse near the pier in Scarinish.  “It was important that the project didn’t just look like a big shed but rather a boathouse from the Isle of Tiree. The primary design move to achieve this is the curved frame and ridge; externally this references the traditional Tiree black-top roof whilst internally the structure was imagined as an upturned boat.” The project was funded by the Tiree Community Windfall Fund.

Visit Tiree Maritime Trust for more information on this exciting project.