The District Nurse

The Scots Magazine

The February 2014 edition of the Scot’s Magazine contains an excellent article, ‘District Nursing on the Islands’ and subtitled, ‘derring-do and making do’.  The author Stephen Riddell says, “Kate lives in Balleveullin a costal town* on Tiree, the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides … she is one of three community nurses covering Tiree and it’s neighbour Coll.” Kate’s parting words to the author are, “You will stress what a wonderful job it is, won’t you?”

What a joy to read such an article that both connects with my past life as a nurse and midwife and also with my present life living on this island. This article is not only informative but also gives valuable insight into the knowledge skills and technological advances used by today’s district nurses. Yet the district nurse continues to be a much respected and still practical member of the community and where needed she will make a cup of tea and get the fire going.
The article concludes, “Though technological advancements and professionalism have removed much of the ‘derring-do and making do’, nursing on the remote Scottish Isles is still a unique and wonderful calling. Where else would you be called upon to treat a kite surfer accidentally dragged ashore by a car – or deliver a baby on board a Sea King helicopter?”

Life on Tiree is most appreciative of the medical services and care provided by the Baugh Surgery, Isle of Tiree.
town – not the normal use of the word, rather crofting township.