A Community Shop for Tiree?

Outline of Tiree
Isle of Tiree

With the closure of  I & F MacLeod’s General Store at Crossapol and the Butcher’s shop in Scarinish, the island is left with only one general store in Scarinish.

This week an informative, well produced booklet was delivered to every home on the island in advance of the COMMUNITY SHOP VOTING DAY on Saturday 29th March at An Talla, 12 noon to 3.00pm. The booklet endeavours to do three things:
1. To help all residents understand the principles of a Community Shop.
2. To help residents consider whether Tiree would in fact benefit from a Community Shop.
3. To hopefully provide sufficient information for residents to make an informed vote.

On the Voting Day there will be the opportunity to find out more about the feasibility study, to ask questions and to cast votes.

Further information can be found at the TIREE TRUST Website