Wettest, Windiest Winter in living memory?


Has this been the wettest and windiest winter in living memory on the Isle of Tiree? 

With wind and rain almost incessant since November, with only brief days of respite, many claim they have not known anything like it.

In many places the machair has been left as a flooded quagmire. Tiree’s Ranger Stephen Nagy comments, “Winter storms and tidal surges have devastated the dune systems around the island.” He roughly estimates that the equivalent of three to four years normal erosion has taken place in the matter of months and that it may take years for the dunes to recover naturally. Scottish Natural heritage and Argyll and Bute Council have been informed of the devastating erosion to see if any action can be taken to prevent any further damage to the dunes. Residents and visitors are being advised to respect the dune system and help prevent any further damage.

So be careful where you walk. Watch where you park and only use established tracks.

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