forth sentinel
Forth Sentinel

Since the end of December, we have had an almost uninterrupted electricity supply on the island. It is no coincidence that with the subsea cable damaged between Coll and Tiree we have been dependent on the island’s generator.

In February work began on replacing the cable. Sources state, however, that the wrong cable was brought on site and so the cable laying vessels had to leave for the Firth of Clyde.

A month later the Forth Sentinel and Forth Jouster have returned to Gott Bay and the Forth Guardsman is anchored (perhaps sheltering) between Ulva and the Isle of Mull. It appears that the work of renewing the cable is about to be undertaken. Arriving on scene a rib was ferrying men and gas bottles out to the Forth Sentinel.

Perhaps soon we will be connected to the national grid and our wind turbine will be able to generate some income for the community once again! It is ironic that when Tilley (our turbine) could be supplying green energy to the island, it has to run on a much reduced output, leaving us dependent on diesel being imported to the island for the generator.