Good news!

The electrical cable bringing power from Coll to Tiree has now been replaced and fully connected. Tiree’s own diesel fueled power station has been turned off and more importantly, Tilly the community wind turbine can now make full use of the available wind. During the many months since the old cable broke, Tilly has only […]

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Easter Day Sunset

Some of the Christian Community met for a sunrise service on the beach in front of the Manse and Glebe House, Gott Bay. This evening, after clear blue skies there was a spectacular sunset. Today is a celebration of the Son who rose never to set for Jesus is alive.

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It’s True

Christians are the people of the resurrection. Here on Tiree, along with millions around the world, we remember on Good Friday that Jesus died on the Cross outside the City of Jerusalem and that through a personal faith in him, we are put right with God. Thus, Good Friday is not a memorial, it is […]

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It’s All Action

Gott Bay is a hive of activity with the return of the Briggs Marine Vessels (Forth Guardsman, Forth Sentinel and Forth Jouster) and the renewal work that is progressing on the pier. It is encouraging to see the present investment in the pier and the hope is that the visual impact of the gateway to […]

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