Spring has Sprung with Yummy Cakes and Coffee

Photograph of Calf
An Island Calf and Mum

With the commencement of the Ferry Summer Timetable and the lengthening of daylight hours, it is beginning to feel more and more that Spring has sprung on the Island. The air feels that little bit warmer and the fields at long last are drying out; the north wind having done its job. Gone is our water feature in the adjacent field. Gone too (well almost) is the lochan at the top of Pier Road, Scarinish. Even the area known as “The Reef’ is beginning to take on its more normal appearance.

Being relatively new to island life, we have been pleasantly surprised by the number of daffodils on the island. We find ourselves exclaiming, “Look at these calves! They are so tiny!” For some farmers, particularly on the west of the island, lambing appears almost over, while for others it is just beginning. We have lost the sheep who normally graze on the machair close to our home, as they have been taken to where the shepherd can keep a closer eye on them. When out walking, but even in the house, you are very aware of bird song. We have to admit that we are still working on learning to identify the various birds.

Saturday’s ferry, the ‘Hebrides’, half-sister of the ‘Might Clansman’, arrived well loaded with car after car rolling off her car deck onto the island. Kite boarders have been seen out in Gott Bay availing themselves of Tiree’s famous breeze. Yes! It is as if the island is waking up after its long winter slumber. The restaurant, various cafes, craft shops and galleries have responded opening in time for Easter. We are so pleased that ‘Chocolate and Charms‘ has opened its doors just in time for our visitors arriving. Not only does the shop sell the owner’s hand made jewellery and stock Tiree’ chocolate, the shop also prides itself in having “yummy cakes and real coffee”. However, more about the virtues of ‘Chocolate and Charms’ in a future post.