Double Decker Buses and Blossom


Scarinish, Township and Pier from the air

Travelling by ferry to Oban and then waiting for five hours for the coach to Glasgow you have time to adjust to life on the Mainland. Travelling by coach in daylight hours, you have time to appreciate the trees and the blossom, something not seen on our island. On the other hand flying direct from Tiree to Glasgow International Airport, you are not only removed from one landscape to another, you are immediately transferred from one culture to another. The contrast could hardly be greater – the homely atmosphere of Tiree Airport and the impersonal metropolis of Glasgow (International) Airport. Immediately, you are in different world altogether, a world of high-rise buildings, motorways carving their way through the city and crowds of people everywhere. I often wonder what it must have been like leaving the island for the first time before the advent of modern ferries and planes.

Living relatively close to the telephone exchange at Scarinish on the Isle of Tiree, we are able using the internet to book our flights, coaches and rail journeys. On the mainland, we find ourselves on the upper deck of a Megabus travelling between Glasgow and Dundee, marvelling at those things called trees and using the on board Wi-Fi to catch up on island life and send emails.

Important as it is to keep routine hospital appointments and to avail yourself of the opportunity to catch up with family and friends, we find ourselves missing island life and the people we are getting to know. Life on Tiree is exactly that – ‘life on Tiree’. It is not escapism from life or the 21st Century, it is living for God where he has called you to live and serve him.