Don’t get sucked into this !

Stand clear!
steady level
steady level
sucked down!
coming up again

On Tiree we are often made aware of the power of the sea. The erosion of the dunes at Crossapol last Winter has exposed the buried remains of WWll buildings. What was buried almost 70 years ago has this year again seen the light of day. It’s the power of the sea which has done it.
Another example can be experienced at Sandaig. Going down the track to the beach, leave it as it turns to the left along the shore, and walk to the right. If the tide is high and the sea is rough you will be struck by an intermittent deep booming sound.
The pressure of water rushing into a cave at high tide has blown the cave’s top off. This is called a blowhole. The water is sucked out of the hole as the wave recedes, only to rush back in and shoot several feet into the air, as a new wave forces itself up the narrow passage.
The sea is powerful, but Jesus power is greater. He was able to calm the stormy sea, saying ‘Peace, be still’.
He can also bring peace to the stormy seas of our lives.