Comings And Goings

Since coming to live on Tiree we have been more aware of comings and goings. Perhaps it is partly due to only one ferry a day to the mainland, only one flight a day to Glasgow Airport and a twice weekly flight to Oban. In the winter months transport links are even more limited and […]

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Hebridean Inspiration

On a beautiful May morning we find ourselves seated round the kitchen table of Sunbeam Cottage enjoying a welcome coffee and delicious scones with hosts Colin and Susan Woodcock. From their window we look out across the single track road to their gallery and just beyond is the sea sparkling under a clear blue sky. […]

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Tiree In Bloom

Even after last evening’s thunder and lightening the air is still heavy as I walk across the machair and then along the beach. The waves are breaking gently and bird-song fills the air. This is Britain in bloom quite naturally.-  no team of gardeners, simply the machair coming into its own. Click for a slideshow […]

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Remains of the Day

Supper over and with the sun dying in the west there was the opportunity to record the remains of the day. Daylight hours are lengthening and there is now a real sense of the ‘gloaming’. Somehow I seemed to loose track of time as I walked first to the pier and then across the machair to […]

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Family Life

Saturday’s soaking was followed by a dreich start to Sunday. However, by about four the day began to brighten and by five things were looking up and it is proving to be a bright sunny evening. On a drive across by Moss (here on Tiree) we unexpectedly came across this wonderful example of family life. […]

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Living On The Edge

Perhaps, one of the unspoken concerns regarding our move to Tiree was ,“What will you find to do on an island 11 miles long and only 5 miles wide at its widest point (often only one mile wide) and four hours away by boat from the Mainland?”  Have no fear for our sanity, there is […]

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Spring is in the air….

A walk across the machair and the rocks just above the shoreline revealed evidence of the fast advancing season. The ever-present daisy, celandine and thrift, which was not in flower a week ago, now carpets the crevices of the rocks. The Gaelic name for Thrift is Neoinean Cladaich which means ‘Shore Daisy’. This info was […]

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Big Blue Skies

Gone for the time being are the winter storms. Here today are big blue skies. The warmth of the sun is reflected in the appearance of butterflies, bees and bird song. As we set out for our constitutional (walk) we take the camera just in case! Although Tiree is relatively flat, we look east towards the mountains on […]

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Sunday is Special

A day of worship, worshipping the Creator. A day of re-creation appreciating his creation. This morning here on Tiree we thought about the Psalmist’s words: O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. Out of the mouth of babies and infants, you […]

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Surface Dressing

This morning saw the arrival of the BURHOU I from the Quarry at Loch Etive (near Oban) with the first shipment of stone chipping for the £1.1 million road reconstruction project on the island. The local authority is currently undertaking surface dressing of all the public roads on Tiree. The photographs show the BURHOU I […]

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