Spring is in the air….

A walk across the machair and the rocks just above the shoreline revealed evidence of the fast advancing season.
The ever-present daisy, celandine and thrift, which was not in flower a week ago, now carpets the crevices of the rocks. The Gaelic name for Thrift is Neoinean Cladaich which means ‘Shore Daisy’. This info was gleaned from the useful pocket sized book ‘Wild Flowers of Coll & Tiree’ which was published in 2008. It’s available on the island at Chocolates & Charms.

We returned using a different route to avoid a boggy area, and noticed several gulls circling overhead. The cause for their concern was soon apparent. There on the ground in front of us was a nest with two spectacular eggs. A hasty retreat was called for after capturing just one photo.

Ascending up to the road at Sandaig we were astounded to observe a display of fire-eating.

Life on Tiree is full of surprises!