Comings And Goings

Arriving Tiree

Since coming to live on Tiree we have been more aware of comings and goings. Perhaps it is partly due to only one ferry a day to the mainland, only one flight a day to Glasgow Airport and a twice weekly flight to Oban. In the winter months transport links are even more limited and sometimes disrupted, delayed or cancelled because of adverse weather.

Recently we had family members here for a few days and we spoke about the sense of eager expectation of the their arrival and of the pain of parting. (Thankfully the sentiments are not reversed.) The gift of family is something special and it was a great pleasure to not only share our new home with them, but to show off the island and to introduce them to friends. The weather was warm and bright, with only a hint of a breeze on odd occasions. By day the sea sparkled and danced over the shell sand beaches and then at sunset the aquiline blue transformed into a crimson wonder. It was almost as if each day and each sunset tried to outdo the previous one.

All too soon, their visit was over and it was time to say “Goodbye” as they climbed up the gangway to board the ‘Mighty Clansman’ to take them back to Oban where they would collect their car for their onward journey.

Departing for Oban

A quick look at the calendar reveals that we have the excitement of welcoming some more visitors in just a few weeks time. Instead of standing at the pier, we will be greeting them at Tiree’s friendly little airport.

The Clansman Oban Bound