Living Stones

A relic according to the Oxford Dictionary is ’an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical interest’. There are several surviving church buildings that fit that category. There is Saint Patrick’s Temple which is situated on the Balephuil Bay side of Kenavara. The remains are of a medieval building that is thought […]

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Catching the Sunset

This evening I took the long way home in order to catch the sunset. The above photograph was taken at Balephetrish on one side of the island and the photographs below were taken at Gott Bay on the other side of the island. The drive took less than ten minutes. Click on the photographs for a […]

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Balevullin Beach

This afternoon Tiree sat in the midst of a wonderful panorama of the Hebridean Isles. Whatever direction you looked you could make out distant isles and even skerries. I could make out to the East – Mull and the Treshnish Isles, to the South – Jura, to the West – the Skerryvore Lighthouse, to the North […]

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The Cinema Catches The Ferry

The Mighty Clansman Does It Again! Tiree: Where the cinema catches the ferry. If the plane goes by boat, then it ought not to surprise us that even the cinema rolls on and off the Clansman. Today, the Screen Machine left on the Thursday ferry bound for Castlebay, Barra. The Screen Machine is an 80-seat, air […]

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Adventure at Sea

Tiree Maritime Trust have not only had the Noust doubled in size, they organised Saturday’s event ‘Sail Around Tiree’. With crews fully briefed and safety boats in readiness, the Daisy (blue boat) and the Morag Ann (red) left Scarinish Old Harbour and set sail in anti-clockwise direction heading towards Manuel and the Gunna Sound. It […]

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Tiree: The Reef

The Reef is perhaps the most extensive area of Machair in terms of width on the West Coast of Scotland. On the Edge of the Reef is ‘Tyrii Pottery‘ On the centre of the Reef is Tiree Airport Here are a few orchids growing on the Machair on the Reef:

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What’s Out in The Bay

  What’s that out in the bay? It looks a bit like a private yacht, but then it is like a mongrel – a cross between a yacht and a fishing boat. In fact that is what it is a fishing boat converted into a small cruising ship that explores the waters of Argyll and the […]

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Tiree: Up To The Challenge

  With the delayed Tiree to Glasgow International flight clear of the runway and airborne, the Hebridean Airways flight from Oban found a window through the fog and mist to land safely at Tiree Airport. On board was the RVS baton relay which is making its way round Scotland in advance of the Commonwealth Games […]

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