The Adventure Continues . . .

Photo of Sheep
We Three Sheep

Life on Tiree has a new dimension. On Sunday the 15th June Alan is being welcomed as the part time minister of the Baptist Church of which we are members. The word ‘minister’ is an interesting one as it means ‘servant’. Thus, the minister is a servant, serving God by caring as a shepherd cares for His sheep. The minister serves as a pastor and like a good shepherd seeks to feed his sheep, keep his sheep healthy and protect them from danger. Unlike the shepherds we are familiar with who drive their sheep, the shepherd pictured in the Bible leads the sheep.

Another exciting development in the life of Tiree Baptist Church is the starting of the renovation of our church premises at Baugh. This is a small building but there is space for a meeting room, kitchen, toilet facilities, storage space and an entrance hall. The church shares a vision to use the building for both the church family and for the benefit of those who live on Tiree – as well as for those who visit regularly or occasionally.

Coming to Tiree was one step in the adventure of faith. Serving as minister is another step in this great adventure. Being involved in the Baugh project and looking to God for his provision is yet another step.

Don’t worry! Alan will still be at the pier.

Mrs Life-On-Tiree