Tiree: And Yummy Cakes Too!

Chocolates and Charms

It was not long after moving to Tiree that we were sat round our dining table talking to Rebecca Wright of Tiree’s Chocolates and Charms. ‘Becky’ and her shop stood out for us when we visited the island for a week’s holiday in 2012, so it was a particular joy to have her in our home.

Established in 2005, ‘Chocolates and Charms’ is a unique little shop at Taigh a Chiobair, Heylipol – almost at the centre of the island. The shop is well signposted and well it should be for no visit to Tiree is truly complete without paying it a visit. The building itself is a converted old byre/tractor shed next to the house that her parents renovated and now live in. The shop is a rustic but beautiful space – Becky has an eye for beauty!

The shop sells handmade chocolates by Jo (Tiree Chocolates) and handcrafted silver and glass jewellery, all made on the island. Space is also given over to the work of other artists, a full range of gift items, a great collection of books about the surrounding areas, and a wide selection of children’s toys. The reference in the shop name to chocolate is easy to work out but what about ‘Charms’? Rebecca is certainly charming, but no that’s not it! The Charms are the jewellery she fashions.

Becky views ‘Chocolates and Charms’ as much for the residents as visitors and so is open much of the year. Christmas is a very special time and Becky takes great care to reflect that in her display and festive refreshments. My experience is that Becky and her assistants are welcoming and helpful without being intrusive so residents and visitors keep coming back again and again.

You can stop by on your way to one of Tiree’s many beaches and grab a latte or cappuccino and enjoy the selection of freshly home baked (yummy) cakes or a delicious ice cream.