Tiree: Local News From Overseas.

Life on Tiree boarded the ferry for Oban in order to catch the train to Glasgow and the overnight train to London, eventually arriving in Aylesbury. Before ascending the gangway at Tiree, the question was “Who would be keeping up the blog?” Life on Tiree is pleased to report that the cable ship René Descartes […]

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Tiree: What A Contrast!

Seven days ago the ferry left Oban for Coll and Tiree but was forced to turn back because of the adverse weather.  Outside ‘An Talla’ the wind was howling and the rain torrential making it difficult to get from the car to the front of the door of the hall. Roll on seven days and what […]

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Tiree: A Fascinating View

Earlier in the month we passed this small harbour near Baugh when some men were working on their boats. The cattle were standing with their heads leaning over the fence. We were convinced they were watching the men. Late the is afternoon we stopped at the same spot to capture the rainbow. Was the cow […]

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