Tiree: The Son Has Risen!

Photo Old Harbour Baugh
The Old Harbour Baugh
This morning, following yesterday’s dreich weather, we woke to dark skies and heavy rain. Yet, by the time we left home (10.00am) for ‘An Talla , the sun had risen. We passed a favourite spot, the old harbour at Baugh. You are so close to the water at this point on the journey, that it is not unknown for the sea to to flood the road here in the winter. On the road back I just had to stop and a take a photograph.
Life on Tiree, involves meeting with a good cross section of Tiree’s population at An Talla, the Community Hall, Crossapol, on a Sunday morning, to worship the One True and Living God. Today, we joined with one of the young couples to give thanks for the gift a son. It felt like a full house with visitors swelling the numbers. When the young people left for their own special activity time, they almost ran out of materials there were so many children! As we gave thanks for one son we were reminded by his grandfather that the Son had risen. God so loved, that he gave his One and only Son. He gave his life in death, but God did the impossible, he raised Jesus from the dead, never to die again. The Son has risen!