Tiree: Wylde Swan

Wylde Swan
Wylde Swan

An urgent knock at the door alerts me of the imminent arrival of a large ship approaching the pier. I grab my trusty camera and my phone, jump into the car and head for the pier. It is a dull evening, but the sight is most impressive, as the tall ship glides into the bay and turns as she prepares to moor.

The Wylde Swan, originally built in 1920 in Germany as a steam ship to serve the German herring fleet is now a two masted topsail schooner. Built long and narrow to maximise speed, she is the largest two-masted topsail schooner in the world. And here she is berthed at the pier in Tiree having sailed from “Maddy” (Lochmaddy) on North Uist.

In spite of the grey sky and the sails furled, the Wylde Swan is majestic, You can almost imagine her under full sail arriving in blue skies in the aquiline blue waters that surround Tiree. – Double click for a slideshow

Thanks to our Pier Master ‘Roddy’ for the kind tip-off!

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