Tiree: On The Move

Lord of the Isles, Oban

Life on Tiree means that to visit anywhere other than the length and breadth of the island you have to cross water by ferry or plane. This summer the plane has often been fully booked and the ferry frequently fully booked for cars. Foot passengers on the ferry fair better.

A family celebration means taking the ferry to Oban and either the train or the coach to Glasgow. Whatever form of transport you choose the scenery of lochs and glens is stunning. For our onward journey to London we have on a number of occasions elected to have a reclining chair on the overnight sleeper train. It is very reasonable and saves having to find a B&B.

Caledonian Sleeper, Glasgow Central

Our present visit to the Mainland is to celebrate the birthdays of various family members and a wedding anniversary. In addition to the joy of being together, one thing we have particularly enjoyed was walking in Wendover Woods. Remember there are very few trees on Tiree and certainly no woods.

celebration cake
40+50+10 = 100 Celebration Cake

While we have been away Tiree has featured on the National News. Like many reports there were several inaccuracies. You will find the BBC report here and the architect’s report here. See if you can spot the mistakes!

Looking forward to catching the train to catch the bus to catch the ferry to Tiree.