This is Tiree

This is Tiree!
This is Tiree!

This is Tiree at its best. The sky is blue and this is reflected by sand and sea. We have been back on the island 11 days now and what an amazing spell of good weather we have enjoyed. Our fear was that when our visitors arrived the weather would break, but the opposite has been the case. It is Autumn, the days are definitely drawing in, and there is a mellow feel to the mornings and evenings. There has hardly been a drop of rain or a breath of wind. Seasonally, there has been an occasional evening where the mist has crept in over the island to be quickly dispersed in the morning by the rising sun.

Soroby Beach

On a Thursday during the summer timetable, the ‘Mighty Clansman’ calls into Tiree at 12 noon before sailing to Castlebay, Barra, arriving back at Tiree at 6.00pm. Our visitors kindly treated us to this ‘mini-cruise’ and we had the thrill of watching dolphins on the return leg of the journey. As we arrived back in Tiree, having enjoyed ‘Barra landed haddock’ for our evening meal, we were greeted not only by the hard working pier staff, but by at least three seals swimming and diving close to the pier.

Today, it is sunny and bright, and warm when out of the steady northerly breeze. Several groups of surfers, both kite and sail-boards, are making the most of the conditions at Balephetrish Bay. What a sight it was approaching the bay from Cornaig.

Earlier in the afternoon we enjoyed a walk along Soroby/Balinoe beach, especially appreciating the various shades of blue in sea and sky. If only I were a poet!

And tomorrow, we shall join with our visitors and the church family at An Talla in praising the God of wonders.