Tiree: September Special

Special September or September Special, whatever way, the month of September – weather-wise -has been special. Since our return from the South on September the 9th the weather has been warm and sunny. There have been a few showers, but mainly at night. On the two occasions when the mist has crept over the island, it was in the evening. Some days there has hardly been a breath of wind.

If it was not for the days drawing in and the hint of Autumn in the colour of the vegetation (there are no trees to speak about) you could be forgiven for thinking it was Summer rather than Autumn. On the last Saturday of the month, the wind was blowing (certainly not hurricane force) and the MV Clansman requested an extra rope when berthing, but it was like making a statement, “Winter has arrived.” If this is Winter, roll on Winter.

Photo of LOTI
The Sun Shines on Lord of the Isles

Today has been no exception. It was in bright sunshine we said goodbye to friends setting out for a trip to America via Glasgow. Although in the past many left Tiree for that continent by boat, the ‘Lord of the Isles’ was only going as far as Oban. The onward journey will be by air.

This afternoon we had an “Ariel” view on Tiree. The masts belong to NATS and a Mobile Phone Company -the latter offering a limited service to the island.

September like any month has had its high points and low points. This afternoon involved a high and a low. First the ascent of Ben Hough on foot and without an extra oxygen supply. The low was the walk along the Balinoe/Soroby beach. It was crowded, we met three people.

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