Tiree: Life on The Sunny Side

  Late afternoon, we have the opportunity to take our visitors to the east end of the island. We pass along the shore of Gott Bay and turn down to Milton with its attractive harbour. Stretching our legs, we find the cattle friendly and photogenic. Back in the car we follow the road round to […]

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This is Tiree

This is Tiree at its best. The sky is blue and this is reflected by sand and sea. We have been back on the island 11 days now and what an amazing spell of good weather we have enjoyed. Our fear was that when our visitors arrived the weather would break, but the opposite has […]

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Tiree: Even More Important

Although considered remote by many, Tiree’s residents will have the opportunity to vote in Thursday’s referendum. Like most places in Scotland the vote is split between the “Yes” and the “No”. When the poll closes the ballot boxes will be flown off the island enabling the result to be declared the following day. The significance of […]

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Tiree: What a Welcome!

What a welcome! Leaving London Euston at 11.50pm on the Caledonian Sleeper we arrive at Glasgow Central Station at 7.20am. After a breakfast of porridge followed by bacon roll, we take the coach to Oban. The Clansman leaves on time at 2.45pm and we arrive in Tiree just after 6.30pm. Later crossing the Reef we witness […]

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Tiree: On The Move

Life on Tiree means that to visit anywhere other than the length and breadth of the island you have to cross water by ferry or plane. This summer the plane has often been fully booked and the ferry frequently fully booked for cars. Foot passengers on the ferry fair better. A family celebration means taking […]

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