Tiree: A Mainland Adventure

Visits to the pier are often simply part of our daily exercise, going for a walk that takes in the pier and the old harbour. Other visits are to meet and greet, or to observe and capture the life at the pier. However, yesterday we boarded the MV Clansman to begin a Mainland Adventure. After […]

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Tiree: Stormy Sunset

It has been a day of sunshine and squally showers mixed with hail. Thankfully today’s ferry managed to berth, but with the wind rising, tomorrow’s ferry is cancelled. The forecast is for south-west winds of 39mph gusting to 59mph. This afternoon’s walk was interesting and at present the wind is certainly making its presence felt as […]

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Tiree: Looking West

Looking out of our living room’s west facing window, I once again stand in amazement.  There are scientific explanations for the wonder of sunset, but in it I see the hand of the Creator. He loves beauty! How easy it is to destroy something of beauty, such as a ruby red rose, by taking it apart. There’s a […]

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Tiree: Life on the Edge

Tiree, the most westerly of the Inner Hebrides, is an island of the edge of Scotland and Europe. The island has limited broadband coverage which is most certainly in the slow lane. Fibre-optic is on the horizon, and hopefully is not a mirage. Mobile phone coverage is poor and limited to two networks, there is […]

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Tiree: Winter is here. Almost!

After an exceptional Autumn, the last few days have the feeling that Winter is here. Well, almost! The past few days have had strong winds, sunshine, cloud and just plain grey. The forecast for the weekend is promising –  storm force winds. Not ideal if you are travelling, or you are expecting visitors. Sunday marks […]

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Tiree: 50 years at Sea

26 years ago this month, one of the best loved steamers of these islands, MV Columba, was retired from service at the end of the 1988 summer season after 24 years with Caledonian MacBrayne and David MacBrayne Ltd. She had revolutionised travel to Mull, and had served on every main route in the Western Isles […]

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Tiree: Relief

‘Relief Beyond Belief’ was the slogan of ‘Askit Powders’, a world wide brand with Glasgow roots, that helped provide ‘relief for headaches, colds and flue’ – and hangovers. Today MV ‘Lord of the Isles’ was the relief vessel for the MV ‘Clansman’. The Clansman had been storm bound in Castlebay, Barra, and ‘LOTI’ in Oban. […]

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Tiree: Facing the Atlantic

On the kind invite of friends, we took up their invitation to join them in a visit to the “Blowhole” at Sandaig.  Anticipating the storm and the time of ‘High Tide’ – for maximum effect  –  we had a powerful reminder of the power of the sea. The crofting township of Sandaig faces the Atlantic […]

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Tiree: A Day of Contrasts

With a name like the remains of Hurricane Gonzalo it sounds dramatic but, although winds have gusted up to 60mph, the storm is not out of the ordinary especially for October. The ferry and the plane are cancelled, however that was anticipated – consequently only local mail and no newspapers. It has been a day of stark […]

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Tiree: Windy Weather

Wild weather looks like this! Blue sky being chased by dark threatening clouds heralding the next downpour. As portrayed by the above photograph there are no trees to indicate the strength of the wind. A bench lies on its side blown over – and not by vandals. Unsecured wheelie-bins are tossed in the air, emptying contents that are […]

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