Tiree: Uncertainties

With the winter timetable less than two weeks away, after today’s sailing, there will be only one more crossing from Tiree to Barra and return – weather permitting. With gusting winds and white horses the MV Clansman made the crossing, finally sailing off into the gathering darkness for its onward journey to Coll and ~ Oban.

Noontime Arrival - Barra Bound
Noontime Arrival

Already conversation is beginning to turn to the uncertainties relating to ferry travel: wind speed and direction, waves and swell. “Will she or won’t she leave Oban?” “Will she turn back?” “Will she manage to berth at Tiree?” The internet, text messages, smartphone apps, phone calls all indicate the current status but they cannot change the wind or the waves or remove the uncertainty.

Under Tension
Under Tension – Back from Barra

Just in case next Thursday’s crossing is cancelled or has to turn back this evening’s crossing demanded to be documented.

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