Tiree: A Day of Contrasts

With a name like the remains of Hurricane Gonzalo it sounds dramatic but, although winds have gusted up to 60mph, the storm is not out of the ordinary especially for October. The ferry and the plane are cancelled, however that was anticipated – consequently only local mail and no newspapers.

It has been a day of stark contrasts. Out of one window the sky is blue, out another the sky is dark and threatening. Out in the wind it is exhilarating if you don’t mind the squally showers, some with driving hail. Some sheep were immune to it all, others were sensible, taking shelter. One skien of geese were struggling to make any headway against the wind. Damage appears to have been light, wheelie bins blown down and along the road, minor damage to a roof on a big shed, and a boat apparently loosing its roof. [Owners please note] The Spindrift and waves stand in sharp contrast to the safe haven of Scarinish Harbour.

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