Tiree: A Mainland Adventure

Visits to the pier are often simply part of our daily exercise, going for a walk that takes in the pier and the old harbour. Other visits are to meet and greet, or to observe and capture the life at the pier. However, yesterday we boarded the MV Clansman to begin a Mainland Adventure.

Photo of Lighthouse
In the Sound of Mull

After the recent spell of stormy wet weather, the crossing was made in bright sunshine and calm water. It was good to be able to recognise and speak to various passengers, including islanders and many of those who had attended the recent ‘Tiree Tech Wave’ event. Disembarking at Oban was a familiar yet strange experience for it brought us into a different world.

Lord of the Isles, Oban

Although the main holiday season was over, Oban felt busy and bustling – so many vehicles and people all at once. There were shops and cafes and even a well known coffee shop chain.

Hebridean Princess

The train service was being replaced by coaches. The bus service was certainly part of our mainland adventure as we had to traverse the old military road with its steep descent and hairpin bends in the dark due to yet another landslide on the ‘Rest and Be Thankful’.

What must it have been like for someone in the past who had never left the island to arrive in Glasgow? If Oban feels like another world Glasgow must be like another universe.

Mainland from Sound of Mull

The purpose of our visit to the Mainland is to represent Tiree Baptist Church at the Baptist Union of Scotland Assembly at the Civic Centre in Motherwell, so today we had an important appointment to keep. Now we are looking less like Highland Cattle and more like pampered poodles – after all we are representing our church family on Tire.

Photograph of Falkirk
Certainly not Tiree

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