Tiree: Same Country – Different World!

Life on Tiree involves leaving the island for emergency admission to hospital, planned admissions and routine hospital appointments at out-patient clinics. The sound of an aircraft overhead when none is expected can often indicates an air ambulance. Some hospital appointments are at the Oban and Lorne hospital in Oban, but most appointments involve travelling to Glasgow. In the Winter this would generally mean a five day trip away if travelling by boat. Many, therefore, with an appointment in Glasgow, elect to travel by air which cuts the stay away to three days.

Although the weather today had a wintry feel to it, with low light levels and grey skies, the views from the aircraft on take-off were worthy of a photograph. Once out over the Passage of Tiree, the cloud cover built up and it meant that for much of the journey the view was restricted.

Arrival in Glasgow International Airport is such a contrast with Tiree Airport. It is not just the respective size of the airports, it is the contrast of the size of the aircraft as our tiny ‘Twin Otter’ taxies past huge jets. Welcome to the same country but a different world!


Views: Not a flyover on a motorway on Tiree, Dutchman’s Cap, Crossapol Beach, Twin Otter at Glasgow Airport, Mail unloaded from nose of the plane. Featured Image: looking to Scarinish and Gott Bay.

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