Tiree: Better Than Many A Summer’s Day

In many ways, today’s weather is better than many a summer’s day, with bright sunshine and blue skies. Having been on the Mainland for three days it was good to get back down to pier and to watch the MV Clansman berth. The sky was blue but there was a stiff ‘South Easterly’ gusting to 31mph, thus the Clansman deployed its anchor as it manoeuvred to come alongside the pier.

It was a different story on Thursday. Wet and wild, the records reveal that the Clansman faced wind speeds that been gusting over 50mph and a wind speed of 40mph. From eye witness reports, with waves breaking over the pier, few imagined the ferry would berth berth. Even turning from the Passage of Tiree into Gott Bay was reported to be dramatic. Thankfully, the Mighty Clansman did it once again.

Blue Sky over Scarinish Harbour
Blue Sky over Scarinish Harbour

My own return on Friday was less dramatic. In the pre-flight briefing the co-pilate of our tiny ‘Twin Otter’ apologised for the ingress of rain water into the cabin and then advised that during our climb out from Glasgow Airport we might experience turbulence and similarly on our descent into Tiree. On our arrival the fire-engines were sitting just off the runway in case we required sheltering from the wind, but when we safely taxied they were quickly stood down.

How different each and every day can be. Thankfully there is one great constant – God’s unfailing love. In the Bible,  the writer of the Lamentations declares, The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.