Tiree: Calmac Believes


This evening, as darkness descends the wind has dropped deceptively. There is a calm, but it is the calm before the storm. Calmac believe the weather forecast and have advised would be travellers: Oban- Coll- Tiree Tues 09/12/2014 cancelled due to adverse weather. Next sailing Thurs 11/12 weather permitting. Please re-book. LastUpdated 08/12/2014 @ 15:36.  Not even the ‘Mighty Clansman is attempting the crossing and it appears there is even some doubt as to Thursday’s sailing – probably due to anticipated swell conditions. Here’s hoping the ‘Lifeline’ Air service from Glasgow makes it on Tuesday. (Have to confess to an interest in its safe arrival!}

Photograph of Clansman
The Mighty Clansman Tiree

The Pier Gott Bay with Dark Clouds but a Rainbow of Promise over the Clansman. She will return, the question is when? Two thousand years ago the Lord of Glory promised his friends that he would return. We just don’t know when. Lifeontiree believes.