Tiree: A Big Thank You

Dark Threatening Skies – Hail – Massive Waves – Spindrift – Winds gusting to 80mph – Sunshine.

Today’s storm has brought out a whole new vocabulary from the media, with phrases such as, ‘Black Wednesday’, ‘Weather Bomb’ and ‘Explosive Cyclogenesis’. The latter is known colloquially as a “weather bomb” and takes place when a storm intensifies as the pressure at its centre drops rapidly (by more than 24 millibars in 24 hours).

Reports have stated, ‘The UK has been battered by the affects of the ‘weather bomb’, triggering flood warnings and causing travel and power disruption . . . Tiree saw the highest gusts so far at 81mph with winds expected to remain high until early evening’. Compare this however with the remote St Kilda islands with a wind speed of 144mph was recorded.

Although the Outer Hebrides suffered major power supply problems, thankfully the only power outage that we have experienced lasted little more than a minute.

The ferry operator, CalMac cancelled 18 services including routes to Coll and Tiree, Islay, Lewis and South Uist. With the cancellations came an apology for any inconvenience caused. Thursday’s sailing is on an Amber Alert, with the early morning sailing cancelled and a decision being taken later in the morning. If there is no sailing on Thursday the next advertise sailing in on Saturday. With no food deliveries since last Saturday the shelves in the store are beginning to look bare.

In contrast to the media’s dramatic reports there is another side to the storm. We have had emails, messages and phone calls enquiring after our well bring. Your care is much appreciated and we value it. Thanks!

Gust of 81mph recorded at Tiree