Up. Up. And Away

Faced with a routine hospital appointment in Glasgow, the choice is a ferry crossing to Oban and an onward bus or train journey to Glasgow or a flight direct to Glasgow. With the ferry's winter timetable this can take five days, whereas a flight reduces this to three days. So it was that today we […]

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Water! Water! Everywhere!

Last winter, our first on Tiree, was said to be one of the wettest in living memory. Although we had been told that water never lay for long on the island, there seemed to be water everywhere – and not just in the sea that surrounds. This winter started out so different, with many glorious […]

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A Hebridean Visitor

Out in the Passage of Tiree the waves are crashing over the bow of the vessel. As she enters Gott Bay to berth at the pier, the sea appears deceptively calm compared to the open water. With comparative ease our Hebridean Visitor, the MV Hebrides, comes alongside the pier and safely berths. However, the stern ropes, are under considerable […]

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Quietly Reflecting

Thankfully, when the ‘additional’ ferry arrived in Gott Bay today, the weather had begun to quieten. Although the wind was still blowing and there was a moderate swell, the MV Clansman managed to berth safely. In the afternoon the sun broke through and there was clear evidence that the hours of daylight are slowly stretching. […]

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Tiree: A Weather Window

It is six days since the ferry last berthed at Tiree and that was on the day the storms broke on the West Coast of Scotland. With another storm track approaching the West Coast, this morning provided a brief weather window for the MV Clansman to berth at Coll and Tiree. Normally under the Winter […]

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Tiree: A Fresh Perspective

Thankfully on Tiree we have been spared the hazardous driving conditions being experienced by many on the Mainland. For the past six days we have had high winds and powerful waves but no blizzards, drifts or sheet ice. Although the photographs give the impression of snow, it is in fact hail. Today, we have had a […]

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