TIREE: Alarm or Assurance?

“Is it just a helpful reminder
“Or what do they know that we don’t”

Whether in our home, out in the car or at the dentist the wind is howling and outside the water feature in the adjacent field in growing by the minute. And this is just the advance warning. Every weather forecast is predicting two storms on a collision course with the Isle of Tiree. It has to be said that some forecasts are more alarming than others. Helpfully they add, “Ferries may be disrupted!”

A popular weather forecast site. Xc Weather
A popular weather forecast site. Xc Weather

So it was that yesterday we came home to an email stating, “Be assured that as a …. Home Insurance customer you’re covered as standard for damage caused to your home as a result of storm or flood damage, including any direct damage caused by wind or rain. Then followed some helpful tips …

What to do before the storm:
Park your car in a garage, or away from large trees (We have no trees – too windy!)
Secure or lock away loose objects such as garden furniture and ornaments, bikes, children’s toys and ladders (Should have done that before getting ready for bed!)
Fasten all doors and windows
With electrical storms, remove the aerial from the TV set
Check for loose tiles on the roof (A bit wet to do that now)
Secure any weak fences and posts to minimise the risk of causing damage to other parts of your property
Check that aerials or satellite dishes are securely fixed


Perhaps some photograph’s from the family album will remind us of calmer, sunnier days. Some friends reminded us of the wonder that is “Happy Valley.”

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