Tiree: A Fresh Perspective


Thankfully on Tiree we have been spared the hazardous driving conditions being experienced by many on the Mainland. For the past six days we have had high winds and powerful waves but no blizzards, drifts or sheet ice. Although the photographs give the impression of snow, it is in fact hail. Today, we have had a few short, sharp shocks. It may not be snow, but it is a good cheat!

Although the Clansman was able to sail from the Outer Hebrides today to Oban, it had to take shelter in the lee of the Small Isles and was unable to make a delayed sailing to Tiree. At present it is hoped to make a replacement sailing tomorrow, the first in six days, but it is weather and swell dependent.. An announcement is to be made later today.

A dramatic view over the Passage of Tiree, before the major hail storm